Control|Increase|Analyze|Understand your profitability

Finally, a tool delivering actionable insights for e-comms to achieve profitable growth. It will change how you evaluate your inventory, marketing campaigns, customers, orders, and website. 

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Imagine this was your business, what would you do?

To improve your profitability in 2023, you need to be in control. All the time. In real-time. And the platform puts you in control in no time. With all your commercial data connected and enriched by our AI Models, you are back in power. And with the actionable insights that were a privilege held by only the top 1% of ecommerce businesses, you will be unstoppable.

How we transform ecommerce businesses into profitable growth engines


…and enriching all your commercial data is what Dema does. You get clean and enriched data by top class AI Models, which usually only the top 1% of ecommerce businesses have access to.


…and monitoring how your commercial actions affect your profitability and other crucial KPIs is what you do with Dema. You decide from what angle you want to explore and precisely how detailed you want to be.


…your whole business according to actionable insights is what we do together. You make the strategic decisions, and Dema automates what's possible.

Evaluate the profitability effect of all commercial actions in real-time.

It's easy for anyone to follow up on how the company performs on more valuable KPIs than just revenue. In real-time, Dema lets you evaluate your actions based on three levels of profitability and the Customer Lifetime Value-contribution.

Distinguish winners from losers to maximize profit per purchase

Evaluate your marketing based on the true ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), not based on revenue, but profit and/or Customer Lifetime Value. The possibilities don’t stop there; analyze the inventory, orders, and customers similarly in real-time.

One true view aligns Marketing and Buying

Once and for all, succeed with aligning the marketing and buying departments. When aligned and armed with DEMA, commercial strategies to achieve profitable growth targets are within reach.

Compare and evaluate all that matters

Choose from a variety of built in reports. Then, dig deeper. Or start off with a more adhoc and free type of analysis. Always in real time and with metrics that matters.

We are solving a problem we have seen first hand let you get a one true view for all commercial operations to ensure a profitable growth today, tomorrow and the long term future.

Built by three founders with extensive experience and a common understanding of our customers’ core needs. This is the solution we wished we had when growing from 0-120 MUSD in GMV.